Can You Get Pregnant If You Don’t Have A Period? This Runner Proves It’s Possible — Sort Of

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Taking care of your body is one of the most important things you can do in life. But with so many conflicting schools of thought on the matter, it can be tricky learning what’s right for you. Some professionals say juicing is good for you, others say it’s not. Some experts advise eating clean, while others encourage a strict workout regimen. But the thing is, every body is different. Any activity, taken to extreme lengths, can result in certain consequences and physical tolls, such as losing the ability to menstruate. But, can you get pregnant if you don’t have a period? This runner proves it’s possible — well, sort of.

Professional runner Tina Muir announced her pregnancy via her blog, “Running For Real With Tina Muir,” and an Instagram post over the weekend. And while all pregnancies are special, Muir’s is somewhat spectacular in its own way. After going nine years…

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