Can You Eat Poppy Seeds While Pregnant? A Drug Expert Explains The Risks

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Adam Berry/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There’s a long list of dos and don’ts that you are supposed to follow during pregnancy, and sometimes it can be hard to keep track of. You know you should avoid alcoholic drinks and smoking, but when it comes to foods, the lines can be blurry. Your doctor may warn you about the risks of eating unpasteurized cheese and cold deli meat, but may not be specific on other foods. If you’ve been craving a scrumptious poppy seed bagel, someone may have asked you about being able to eat poppy seeds while pregnant. Never thought it was an issue? Apparently a lot of people do.

In an interview with Romper, clinical pharmacist, Bineesh Moyeed Pharm.D, says that there is not enough clear evidence or research to suggest that poppy seeds in any amount are safe to eat during pregnancy, so you may just want to avoid them altogether. “Even though the amount of poppy seeds in foods such as bagels and muffins is very small, I would still recommend pregnant mothers err on the side of caution and wait to eat them until after their baby is born.” She also suggests that you always consult your physician about any and all medications, drinks, and foods you eat during pregnancy.


You’ve been enjoying those little black seeds safely for so many years, so why should you avoid them when you’re pregnant? The concern over poppy seeds stems from the connection they have to opiates and heroin, explains Moyeed, and the fact that even in the smallest quantities, they can leave trace amounts of opiates or morphine in your system, especially if the seeds are contaminated. “In large amounts, opiates have…

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