Can Your Partner Smoke Pot Around You While You’re Pregnant? Science Responds

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With the legalization of marijuana spreading across the states, recreational pot use doesn’t have the same stigma it once had. With more and more people lighting up at home and with friends, there’s bound to be some concerns about interactions and safety regarding the effects the secondhand smoke might have on other people in the population — especially children and pregnant women. What are the implications for them? If you’re expecting, or want to be soon, can your partner smoke pot around you while you’re pregnant? You know secondhand cigarette smoke isn’t good for anyone, but how does weed differ?

The literature on this is developing as medicine explores not only the effects of recreational marijuana use, but also medicinal marijuana use in the pregnant populations. Because of this lack of evidence and longitudinal study, it’s difficult to determine exactly what the outcomes for the babies born to parents who smoke pot regularly will be. According to US News and World Report, there are emerging studies that might suggest that secondhand smoke and primary marijuana use in pregnant women results in negative consequences for the developing fetus. The same report also concluded it was dangerous to smoke near children as well, citing the potentiality of risks to their growing minds and bodies.


The dangers of tobacco use around pregnant women are well documented. There is a noted difference in birth weight and decreased brain growth in-utero. Most of these studies not only look at the smoke on the whole, but parse out the dangers of individual contaminants as the etiologic…

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