Do You Need To Monitor Your Fluoride Intake During Pregnancy?

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Since 2014, the American Academy of Pediatrics has deemed fluoride safe for babies. But a new study is questioning the safety of fluoride during pregnancy because of the effect it can have on baby’s brain.

The study, published this month in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, evaluated 300 mother and child pairs in Mexico, where public water is not fortified with fluoride. Researchers tested the child’s cognitive development twice over the course of 12 years, and found a drop in IQ scores for every 0.5 milligram-per-liter increase in fluoride exposure beyond 0.8 milligrams. Urine tests were used to determine fluoride exposure.

How are these mothers getting so much fluoride when it’s not in their water supply like it is for 75 percent of Americans? Study authors explain it’s still naturally occurring in their water, and is also found in certain salts and supplements. With this in mind, the American…

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