E-books Can Engage Your Toddler More Than Print Books, Study Finds

A baby sits on a chair and plays with a tablet
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It’s probably not breaking news to you that reading to your child from birth is good for their brains and for parent-baby bonding. It’s also probably not news that you should limit your child’s screen time; new pediatric guidelines recommend that, apart from video-chatting, baby should stay away from screens and toddlers should only consume about an hour of high-quality programs. But when it comes to reading e-books to your children on a tablet, are you allowed to bend the screen time rules?

Devoted e-book owners, rejoice. Toddlers are actually more engaged and attentive when reading electronic books on touchscreen devices than traditional books, according to a study released on Wednesday in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology by researchers Gabrielle Strouse of the University of South Dakota and Patricia Ganea of University of Toronto. They presented e-book and printed versions of the same story to toddlers from the ages of 17 to 26 months, and found that they were…

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