Every Multitasking Mom’s Struggle In One Viral Kohl’s Snapchat

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It’s a fact: Lines move slower when you have somewhere to be. In a hurry to pick up her kids, one Michigan mom found herself in a particularly trying return line at Kohl’s. So she did what any of us would do: rant about it on social media.

In a dramatic, hilarious 90-second video, Amanda Bell recounts what will henceforth be known as the Kohl’s Cash Saga. Helpfully acting out all of the key players with Snapchat filters, Bell recounts a scenario many moms have likely found themselves in before.

“I was at Kohl’s today standing in line trying to make a return, and there was this lady in front of me talking to the sales lady asking a million questions,” she says, in full Snapchat-deer mode. “I kept looking at…

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