Formula Is Getting Closer To Breast Milk Than Ever

mom feeding her baby formula
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An ingredient called milk fat globule membrane might be the biggest innovation since DHA.

Every formula feeding mom feels the pressure to breastfeed. And every formula feeding mom has probably had to defend her decision at least once. The fact of the matter is that while breast milk is best for baby’s development, breastfeeding isn’t always possible. That’s why a new formula ingredient that mirrors breast milk composition is a pretty big deal.

We’re talking about milk fat globule membrane, or MFGM. This substance, made of over 100 different proteins and fats, occurs naturally in breast milk and surrounds its fat droplets. And it serves a really important purpose, boosting both immune and brain health.

If you’ve already started looking into infant formulas, you’ve probably seen that most of them are fortified with DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid occurring in breast milk that also supports brain health. MFGM, which adds proteins into the equation, works in tandem with…

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