Here’s 3 Things Science Still Can’t Tell Us About Pregnancy

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After many years of research, scientists have been able to explain why certain things happen to pregnant women, like why there’s excess hair on your face or chest — that’s from a new batch of hormones taking over your body — and which substances can be dangerous to an unborn baby, such as alcohol and cigarettes. But even in 2017, while scientists are working toward finding every unknown answer, there are still a lot of things science can’t tell us about pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a mystical and beautiful time in a woman’s life. In just nine months, a baby will grow from the size of a watermelon seed to a full 7-pound watermelon. Those are things we know, thanks to developments in the technology and many inquisitive medical minds.

For example, scientists have been able to link alcohol consumption during pregnancy to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, which can cause both physical and mental birth defects. Doctors can also accurately say that pregnant women can not donate blood and should take extra precaution if they decide to sunbathe, as the sun can increase the body temperatures of both mom and baby and possibly lead to a preterm labor, according to The Guardian.

While those are just a few examples and serve as proof that science does know a lot about this time in a woman’s life, there are still some pregnancy questions that have only scratched the surface — such as these three:

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