How Many Kids Does Kailyn Lowry Want? The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Might Want A Break From Pregnancy

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


Kailyn Lowry seems to be on top of the world right now. Not only has she just welcomed a third little baby into the world this summer, but she’s also a New York Times bestselling author with a huge social media following. So, yeah, Lowry is pretty much killing it right now. And with so much attention on the Teen Mom 2 star, fans are likely dying to know how many kids Lowry wants now that she’s welcomed her newest bundle of joy into her family. Only time will tell, but considering that this past pregnancy was reportedly a difficult one, the 25-year-old reality star might want to enjoy being a mom of three for a while.

On Aug. 5, Lowry gave birth to her third child, another baby boy who she is lovingly referring to as “Baby Lo” until she reveals his real name, according to People. However, before that, when Lowry announced her third pregnancy on her blog, she…

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