How To Prevent The Most Common Baby Injury

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Let’s start with a precursor: Baby is a lot more durable than you think. Bumps and bruises are inevitable—but not all accidents have to be. A new study says that when it comes to baby gear-related injuries, falls are the most common. And authors suggest parents can take a few measures to prevent them.

The annual study, conducted by Ohio’s Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, determined that 66,000 kids ages 3 and under wind up in the emergency room every year because of a piece of baby gear. That’s one child every eight minutes. And over the course of the last eight years, these gear-related injuries have increased 23.7 percent.

Here’s how accidents break down:

  • Baby carriers: 20%
  • Cribs/Mattresses: 19%
  • Strollers/Carriages: 17%
  • Baby walkers/jumpers/exercisers 16%

About 80 percent of injuries occur because of falls. Nearly all…

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