Is It Dangerous To Sleep On Your Back While Pregnant? Here’s How To Safely Catch Those Zs


Viacheslav Iakobchuk/Fotolia


Getting any kind of rest while you are pregnant can be hard. Finding a comfortable position just to sit in can be challenging, but finding a good position to sleep in is even tougher. Many pregnant women toss and turn through the night, armed with an arsenal of pillows, just trying to find the best position to fall asleep. If you’re trying to find a better position to sleep in, you may wonder, is it dangerous to sleep on your back while pregnant?

Why is it so hard to sleep during pregnancy, anyway? Shouldn’t you be catching as many Zs as you can before your baby comes? According to the American Pregnancy Association, your growing belly, insomnia, acid reflux, and the pain and pressure in your back, along with shortness of breath, can contribute to sleep challenges. So sleep can become hard to get when you’re constantly trying to find a comfortable position that accommodates your belly, back pain, and any of the other pregnancy related issues.

As if comfort wasn’t enough of an issue, you have to worry…

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