Is It Safe To Pick Up Your Kids When You’re Pregnant? Here’s What Experts Want You To Know

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When you’re pregnant, it feels like there’s a long laundry list of dos and don’ts — from what you’re allowed to eat, to what you’re allowed to put on your body, to how much or how little exercise you need. You begin to feel more like a vessel than a human, because it feels like everything you do will somehow affect your baby. With exertion, you may feel like you don’t want to jostle your baby too much, so you may be wondering — is it safe to pick up your kids when you’re pregnant? Being pregnant doesn’t exactly give you a free pass to lifting a sleeping toddler out of the carseat.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, women who are at risk for premature labor may need to stop lifting objects after the first trimester, but, like most situations, you should discuss that with your doctor. So what do you do if your kid wants you to hold them in Target while you’re picking out maternity clothes?

Dr. Kurt Martinuzzi, OB-GYN at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta tells Romper, “Women who are in occupations that require heavy lifting are at increased risk of preterm labor, however, lifting children during pregnancy is perfectly safe.”

Deena Blumenfeld, childbirth educator at Shining Light Prenatal Education, agrees. “As long as your doctor hasn’t given you any restrictions on lifting or exercise,…

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