Jamelia Pregnant: Former ‘Loose Women’ Panellist Shares Beautiful Baby Bump Photo

Jamelia has announced she is expecting her third child – and she’s already six months along in her pregnancy.

The former ‘Loose Women’ panellist shared the news on Instagram by posting a photo of her cradling her baby bump, which was oddly then deleted and she later reposted it.

“When your husband gives you the best wedding present ever,” she wrote in the original caption.

Jamelia then explained she had to repost the photo because she “got hacked”.

“Someone out there didn’t want to celebrate with us,” she added.

The soon-to-be mum-of-three told OK! magazine she is six months pregnant and has been keeping quiet on social media lately because of her “pregnancy hormones”.

“I’m older this time, so it’s been a very different pregnancy to my last one,” she told the magazine.

“It’s been very up and down and it’s really affected me. At one stage, my husband told me to get off Twitter because I get so passionate and so involved.”

Jamelia filed for divorce from her husband Darren Byfield in 2009. However she recently posted a photo showing wedding rings suggesting she is now married again.

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