Josiah Duggar & Lauren Swanson’s Wedding Date May Have Been Revealed, According To This Fan Theory

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TLC/ YouTube

When planning a wedding, it’s hard to please everyone. The bride wants one thing, the groom wants another, the mothers sometimes seem to think they’re in charge, and there’s always an out-of-town guest who treats the already-busy couple like their own personal concierge. Apparently, things can get even hairier if you’re a reality star, because while it’s not even official yet, Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson’s wedding date may have been revealed and it seems to be riling up some of their fans.

The Duggar family has yet to announce the actual date for their impending nuptials and Romper’s request for comment from the Duggar family was not immediately returned. But, a Facebook fan page called “Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray” claims that a source says the plan is for June 30, as CafeMom reported. And that sounds like a lovely plan, although granted, I’m not sure what the temperature gets up to in Arkansas that time of year.

But, fans aren’t complaining because of the weather; they seem to be rather upset that the alleged wedding date coincides with the upcoming births of two Duggar babies, who are expected to arrive around that time. As such, some fans seem concerned that the expectant Duggars — Jinger and Kendra Duggar — might miss the wedding or have to potentially sit through a ceremony either while very pregnant or very soon after giving birth.

TLC on YouTube

“So they’re seriously gonna make Kendra attend and possibly be in a wedding about a week after giving birth?” one fan commented on the Facebook pafe, adding that Jinger would likely have to drive, as air travel is often prohibited during the final weeks of pregnancy. “I’m sorry but if it’s true, it’s completely selfish.”

The Duggars don’t always reveal their…

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