Kendra Duggar Revealed She & Her Mom Were Pregnant At The Same Time On ‘Counting On’s Baby & Birth Special

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The Duggar family and stars of TLC’s Counting On just keep on growing. Last month, Joseph Duggar and his wife, Kendra (Caldwell) Duggar welcomed their first child — a son, named Garrett David Duggar. But since Counting On wan’t airing new episodes at the time of their son’s birth, fans weren’t able to follow along with Joseph and Kendra’s journey to becoming parents — until now. In a new special, posted on TLC’s website, fans were able to find out about some pretty exciting and intimate details about the couple as they got ready for their son’s arrival. For example, Kendra Duggar revealed she and her mom were pregnant at the same time and how they bonded even more during those overlapping months.

Although the Duggar family might be a little more used to the spotlight, Kendra’s parents aren’t necessarily as high profile as Joseph’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Kendra’s parents, Paul and Christina Caldwell, are reportedly in their early 40s and late 30s, respectively, according to In Touch Weekly. Paul, who is a pastor, and Christina have seven children together, according to In Touch Weekly — and Kendra confirmed, in her new special, that her parents have one more on the way.

In the episode, as Kendra took breathing lessons from her mom, she said that her mom was also expecting a baby. As seen in the TLC special, Kendra said:

We found that my mom was expecting about a month ago. I think this has definitely been really interesting because we’ve been able to share a lot of things that we didn’t get to share before so I feel like we’ve become even more like friends. And I guess our relationship has gone more to a different level, I guess.

Considering Kendra’s parents’ ages,…

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