‘Maternity Salad’ And Other Foods To Induce Labor

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The jury’s still out on whether or not you can actually induce labor naturally. But if you’re nearing or past your due date, it doesn’t hurt to try. (Actually, it can hurt, please be careful and talk to your doctor.) One method of choice? Eating certain foods. And a California restaurant boasts a meal that’s said to send multiple pregnant women into labor every month.

Surprisingly, this isn’t a burrito or any of the spicier entrées often thought to get labor going. It’s a salad. The “Maternity Salad” is an actual menu item at Caioti Pizza Cafe in Los Angeles.

“It has been 28 years of this,” restuarant owner Carrie LaDou tells TODAY. (TODAY food contributor Siri Daly ate the salad shortly before she went into labor with both of her daughters.) “Pregnant women come in every…

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