Nikki Reed Shares Sweet Message To Her Daughter In This Maternity Throwback Photo

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Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There were so man celeb babies in 2017 and Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder’s daughter is just one of them. To celebrate the New Year, Nikki Reed shared a sweet message to her daughter on Instagram and made a tribute to motherhood in general. She reposted her nude pregnancy shot from earlier in the year that her husband took and wrote, “2017 you changed me forever. You made me understand what it means to be human. You made me a mom. You made me a true believer in a love I’d only ever dreamed of.”

Reed and Somerhalder welcomed their baby girl, Bodhi Soleil, in August after a pretty public pregnancy. Both she and her husband were really open about their plans to have kids and how much they were enjoying the process of building a family together. She told Fit Pregnancy:

It seems like that high hasn’t gone away even through all the diaper changes.

Somerhalder and Reed came under fire this fall when they went on a podcast to talk…

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