Pregnant Women Are Smoking At An Alarming Rate In This State, & The Reasons Why Are Disturbing

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On Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics released a report detailing the rates of pregnant smokers throughout America in 2016. Not only did the findings reveal that one in 14 pregnant people who gave birth in 2016 smoked cigarettes during their pregnancy, according to CNN, but it also identified states with the highest rates of pregnant smokers.

It’s no secret that smoking while pregnant can cause harm to an unborn child. A person who smokes cigarettes during their pregnancy, for example, risks having a miscarriage or a premature delivery, according to the CDC. Post-delivery, babies born to a smoker are more likely to have birth defects and have a greater likelihood of developing asthma or dying from sudden infant death syndrome, according to Baby Center. And given all these potential complications, one has to wonder why a person would smoke while pregnant. As the National for Health Statistics’ report demonstrates with its findings, the answer is a bit complex and it involves many factors.

Patrick Drake, lead author of the report, couldn’t help but notice some glaring trends about pregnant smokers in the National Center for Health Statistics ‘ data. For starters, the less education a person has, the more likely they are to smoke while pregnant. The report found that the prevalence of pregnant smokers with a high school diploma or GED is 12.2 percent, while pregnant people with a master’s degree or higher smoke at a rate of 0.4 precent, according to the New York Daily News. Additionally, race and age played a big role in the findings. Women in their 20s have the highest smoking rates at 10.7 percent, while women aged between 25 to 29 come in at…

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