Put Down That Smartphone, Pregnant Lady

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As one hand puts down the positive pregnancy test, the other picks up the smartphone. Of course, excited calls and texts to family and friends may initially certainly follow, but over the next nine months you, unfortunately, might end up spending more time online than you do eating and sleeping. And really, wouldn’t it be ideal if you could spend the majority of your pregnancy eating and sleeping? Here are 5 reasons why, during your pregnancy, you should put down that smartphone.

1 | It’s information overload

What does knowing your 16-week baby is the size of an avocado really do, besides make you eye your fruit bowl suspiciously? As any person who has ever dipped into the online vortex that is the search results for everything and anything related to pregnancy and motherhood knows, from websites to apps to blogs, there is a lot out there (to put it mildly).

Sure, when we are faced with any new situation in life, especially one as significant as growing a human, our natural instinct has become to google the heck out of it. Doing so can offer useful assurances, helpful tips, and an online community to connect with. But it can also quickly become information overload. Turning to internet searches during pregnancy can become both an obsession and addiction – neither of which are ultimately beneficial. The sheer scope of information and barrage of advice can easily leave your pregnant self mentally exhausted, on top of the physical exhaustion you’re already experiencing.

2 | It leads to too much comparison shopping

Let’s be honest. Much of that time and energy spent online is centered around trying to figure out what products to purchase for the highly anticipated bundle of joy. At first, it’s fun. Every search starts with “Best [insert product]…” because who doesn’t want the best for their baby?!

Quickly, it turns out, the searches that ensue are a maze of comparison charts that get into the most minute details of every product (did you know the Ergo baby carrier weighs 1.6 Lbs while the Tula baby carrier only weighs 1.5 Lbs?!).

While it’s prudent to comparison shop, due to the exhaustive online comparisons of each product you’re left feeling like a real idiot unless you buy the coveted #1 recommended choice.

This is a trap for two reasons: 1) You’ll probably end up spending more than you need to. It’s no doubt that higher end products cost more (sometimes insanely more), but the #1 recommended products may lull you into a false sense of security. After baby arrives, you might find yourself sputtering, “But, this is the #1 product! Baby is supposed to love it/sleep in it/play with it!” only to find baby completely refusing it.

Which brings us to the next trap, which you realize only after the birth is: 2) Baby doesn’t care! Baby does not care how much money you spent on something or how many glowing reviews it got online. Babies have their own preferences that we often cannot control or understand (and that’s okay!). So everything you buy should be bought with the complete recognition and acceptance that it may end up being unused.

3 | It makes you choose sides in the “mommy wars” before you know what you’re talking about

A seemingly innocent foray into the online world of mommy blogs, forums, and accompanying comment sections…

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