That Life Jacket You Bought for Your Child Might Not Be a Life Jacket After All

sad toddler wearing life vest
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Grandfather Dan Mueller posted a PSA video on Facebook with the intention of warning other parents and grandparents about a dangerous safety product, but instead learned a lesson himself: He was putting the wrong vest on his granddaughter.

Mueller wanted to teach his 2-year-old granddaughter, Marissa, how to swim, and took safety precautions seriously. He brought her into the pool in what he thought was a safety-tested, approved life jacket, and was horrified by what he saw: Within a second or two, Marissa had flipped over with her face in the water.

He made a video intending to teach other parents about the faulty product, and thought he was covering all the bases when he included a close-up of the label with the weight requirements (along with footage of Marissa on a scale proving she meets them) and the care with which he strapped her into the vest. But when the video was posted on Facebook, he learned what had gone…

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