The Advice You Should Avoid While Pregnant

Just because your pregnant does not mean you must start eating for two. Doctors recommend adding 300-500 calories to your diet, depending on how far along you are.

“You Can’t Drink Coffee”

Some people may tell you that extra caffeine is harmful to your new baby, but that might now be the case for you.  Check with your doctor to see if caffeine will be okay for you and your baby during pregnancy.

“Don’t Eat Chocolate”

Moms to be have a lot of cravings and usually chocolate is on that list of cravings. Don’t take this advice, indulge in a reasonable amount of chocolate!

“You Can’t Work Out”

If you were physically active before becoming pregnant there’s a good chance you’ll be okay to continue exercising while pregnant. Make sure to double check with your doctor beforehand, just in case!

“Don’t Wear Heels”

Yes, many women will opt for more comfortable shoe choices while pregnant but that doesn’t mean they have to. If you feel like wearing those new stilettos, then feel free to!

“Only Sleep on Your Left Side”

We can’t control the way we move around in our sleep. Don’t let this piece of advice leave you paranoid about something you don’t have control over. Yes, this position can be beneficial for your uterus but it’ll be okay if you end up in a different position.

“Don’t Get Upset”

Being pregnant can be stressful and that’s okay. A normal amount of stress will not be harmful to you or your baby. Just make sure to avoid any situations that could bring unusual amounts of stress.

“Don’t Have Sex”

Many women still feel the need to be romantic with their partner while pregnant and that’s okay. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise then feel free to enjoy your partner’s company.

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