The Real Story Behind Khloe Kardashian’s Pregnancy Reveal Photo Will Totally Surprise You

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E! Entertainment/YouTube

Ever since the rumors first broke back in September that Khloé Kardashian might be pregnant, fans were convinced that there was some mastermind, namely Kris Jenner, planning the release of this coveted information. But it turns out that that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, the story behind Khloé Kardashian’s pregnancy reveal photo is much more simple than that and wasn’t coordinated for ratings or to sell the world something, as some cynics will always suggest when it comes to this family.

Khloé wrote in a blog post available via her app that the now-iconic photo of NBA player Tristan Thompson holding her growing up came out of nowhere. She explained, “One day when he came home from practice, we decided to just do it!” But what about the artistic nature of the photo? Turns out, that was all by chance. She said that their friends Simon and Savas took the photo and that her own makeup artist was helping out with the placement of the hands so that the bump was in full effect.

“Simon took the photo and Savas was on the phone with Hrush and they were directing the placement of our hands,” the Good American designer added. And the only reason they cut off their heads was because “we both looked crazy, LOL.”

The mom-to-be added, “Everyone thought this was some strategic picture, but in fact I think we got it done in 20 seconds — and it was just done by us.”

Khloé dropped the picture at the height of the “are Koko and Kylie really pregnant” hype just before the Christmas holiday and after they…

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