These Pregnancy “Clues” From Tristan Thompson’s Instagram Prove He’s More Tight-Lipped Than Khloe Kardashian

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E! Entertainment/ YouTube

The news of Khloé Kardashian’s rumored pregnancy with boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, rocked the later half of 2017. But with one month left in the year, it seems as if either of them addressing the rumors is wishful thinking. Although both Kardashian and Thompson have remained silent on the matter, their social media accounts do give some insight into the rumors. But, unfortunately, pregnancy “clues” from Tristan Thompson’s Instagram show that there is really nothing to see from his side, leading to even more speculation about the news.

Thompson is not only Kardashian’s boyfriend, but also happens to be an incredibly successful basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers. But let’s be real, his relationship with Kardashian certainly is more important for a lot of people. Thompson and Kardashian first started dating in August 2016, according to Us Weekly and have been pretty inseparable ever since. In the past year since they have been dating, according to Us Weekly, Kardashian has said she would marry Thompson if he asked her to. “I know for a fact that he would be an impeccable father,” Kardashian told ES Magazine in April, according to Us Weekly.

Thompson’s feelings seem to be just as mutual and his Instagram shows that. But after People first reported that Kardashian was expecting their first child this past September, Thompson has been coy with his Instagrams, just like his famous girlfriend.

Seriously, in the past three months since the news was first announced, Thompson has only posted 11 photos to his account. Given how much a celebrity typically posts on their Instagram account, this isn’t a lot. And taking one glimpse at Thompson’s Instagram shows he is more focused on his career and his team (as he should be) than airing his personal business and relationships on social media.

But four out of these 11 posts could be “clues” that he has a child on the way, at least according to fans.

Shortly after the news was announced, Thompson shared a photo of the song…

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