This Is How Much Salmon You Can Have While Pregnant, According To Science

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When it comes to eating and pregnancy, it’s like the list of what you can eat gets shorter with each article published. But there are certain foods, like salmon, that straddle the line. You’re told to eat it, but not too much. If you’re wondering how much salmon can you have while pregnant, you’re not alone. You want those nutrients, but how much is too much? How much is not enough?

According to a report in The Daily Mail, eating just two portions of omega-3 rich fatty fish per week can cut the risk of your child developing attention-defecit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by as much as 50 percent. That’s a huge benefit. As a person with ADHD, I understand the struggles of the disorder, and would rather eat a bucket of kelp and only mostly-dead sardines than have my…

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