This Mom Wants To Let ‘Rainbow Dads’ Know They’re Not Alone

A father wearing a rainbow dad t-shirt holds his child.
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The emotional fallout from the tragedy of losing a baby is unimaginable – but not for the parents who actually do experience it. That’s one reason why the term “rainbow baby” has caught on as a nickname for babies born shortly after the parents’ loss of a previous baby from miscarriage, stillbirth or death in infancy. The family has weathered the storm of loss, and the birth of a new child brings light and hope like a rainbow might.

In many cases, the online community for parents of rainbow babies has centered on “rainbow moms,” who can find support in forums or hashtags like #IHadaMiscarriage. There have been photoshoots for these moms, and even products like t-shirts or tote bags reading “Mama” and “Babe.” One mom wants to expand the conversation about miscarriage even further, though, to include an often-overlooked person: Dad.

In honor of Father’s Day, “Birth Hour” podcast host Bryn Huntpalmer created a “Rainbow Dad” t-shirt to recognize that dads are affected by loss of baby, too. She told the Huffington Post

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