This Mom’s Viral Post About This Common Pregnancy Myth Could Save Lives

Ayla Heller/ Facebook


On Aug. 30, first-time parents Ayla Heller and Dalton Henderson welcomed their daughter Madison into the world, and it was a happy day for the young Portland couple. However, as Heller shared in a viral Facebook post a couple of weeks after Maddy’s birth, the duo came close to losing their unborn daughter just hours before she was delivered — and it’s only because Heller decided to defy common advice that Maddy survived. Now, Heller is hoping her viral post about this common pregnancy myth could help save other babies’ lives.

As she explained in her Facebook post, Heller was 38 weeks into her pregnancy when, one morning, she noticed she hadn’t felt Maddy kicking very much. Heller didn’t worry, since Maddy had had less active days before and they had never been cause for concern. Around noon, Heller felt Maddy adjust position and realized she hadn’t felt her baby kick that day, but felt reassured by the movement. After all, when she looked it up, about half of the advice she saw claimed that babies “run out of room” in their mothers’ wombs close to their due date.

Fortunately, when Heller and Henderson grew a little more worried, they phoned Heller’s mother, who urged them to go into the hospital or call their midwife immediately. When Heller spoke to her midwife, she was told to head into the labor center, where she underwent a series of tests to check Maddy’s movement.

“Upon my midwife arrival, she wasted no time to inform me that things were not looking the way they wanted and I was most likely going to have an emergency cesarian that night,” Heller wrote on Facebook. “We were informed that if there was life threatening problems with Maddy, which they believed to…

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