This Pregnant News Anchor Had The Best Response To A Viewer Calling Her “Disgusting”

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It might seem like fake news, but it’s sadly the real deal. Indeed, a viewer reportedly called a pregnant news anchor “disgusting” because her maternity wardrobe was too form-fitting for live television. The body-shaming comments came from another women in the form of a voicemail last week. But instead of just brushing off the infuriating rant, Laura Warren — an evening news anchor and investigative reporter for News 12 and NBC 26 in Augusta, Georgia — had the best response.

Last week, Warren, who is 20 weeks pregnant, took to her blog, Bump, Baby, and Breaking News, to respond to this viewer’s incredibly rude voicemail. “Yesterday, was a bad work day. I checked my voicemail (hoping it was a great story tip…) No such luck,” Warren wrote on July 4. “Instead, I heard this peach of a woman on the other end.”

Here’s what the viewer had to say in the voicemail:

You can listen to it below as well, if you can stomach the comments:

Laura Warren on YouTube

After receiving that voicemail, Warren — who called herself a “thick skinned journalist” — decided not to let this…

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