This Woman Is Pregnant With Her Sister’s Rainbow Baby, & It’s A Beautiful Thing

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Courtesy of JoAnn Marrero

Sisters Anna Howat and Beth Gaudino were already bonded for life long before either one of them became an aunt to the other’s child. Soon, though, they’ll both be in that happy position, as Howat now as a 1-year-old daughter and Gaudino has one on the way. But their paths to becoming mothers are much more entwined that most sisters’ are, as they suffered miscarriages and the devastating loss of babies together, with each sister struggling to have the family she wanted, as People detailed in a recent feature. And now, Howat is pregnant with her sister’s rainbow baby after Gaudino lost her twin son and daughter just a couple of years ago. It’s been an incredibly intense, emotional journey for both of them, but they’re now well on their way to the happiest of endings.

According to People, Howat had recently experienced two miscarriages when her sister learned that she has finally pregnant with twins in May 2015. Just a few short months later, though, heart-wrenching strategy struck: Both Grace and Savage passed away within hours of being born at just 20 weeks after Gaudino had a premature rupture, as People reported. It have been such a horrible blow, for all the reasons that such a loss would be terrible for anyone, but also because the now- 32-year-old Gaudino’s endometriosis has made it difficult for her to get pregnant. She ultimately did so through…

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