What Are The Best Bras For Pregnancy? Now’s The Time For Extra Support

Ashley Batz/Romper


Pregnancy brings about a lot of body changes, and with that comes new clothes. You might be so excited to shop for cute maternity wear, but don’t forget to adjust your undergarments as well. Finding the right, supportive bras for your new pregnant body can actually do more than just keep the girls in place — they can also save you from unnecessary back pain (and catch all that leaking breast milk). So, what are the best bras for pregnancy?

“During pregnancy, a women’s breasts may become large and more tender, and changing bras may be necessary”, says Candice Fraser, M.D., Fellow of The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (F.A.C.O.G.) from Trinity Medical Care in New York. A pregnant woman should invest in more supportive and comfortable bras, Fraser notes, and these usually have wider strap and bands, and a soft lining, such as cotton. “Underwires,” Fraser tells Romper, “may cause discomfort in pregnancy and can be avoided as breasts enlarge.”

According to Parents, there’s actually no such thing as maternity bras, but there are a lot of bras marketed…

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