What Is The Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy? Your Comfort Is Essential

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Many, many pregnant women have insomnia issues during their pregnancy. Whether it’s the hormones, the aches and pains, not being able to breathe very well, heartburn, or nausea causing it, insomnia seems to be a pretty common complaint. But another reason pregnant women may not be able to fall asleep easily? They can’t sleep in their regular position. As you’re laying awake at night (so sorry) you may be wondering, “What is the best sleeping position during pregnancy?” Is there a particular way that works best — and allows you to sleep easier? Are there unsafe positions to sleep in?

The American Pregnancy Association (APA) recommended pregnant women go by the SOS method — sleep on side. And more specifically, on your left side, but why is that?

According to the APA, sleeping on the left side in particular will increase the amount of blood and nutrients going to your placenta and the baby.

Pregnancy pillows can make this even more comfortable. Even if you’re used to sleeping on your side, the added pressures of a baby bump may hurt your back, plus the support from the pillow holding up that bump will be…

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