What To Look For In A Pediatrician?

Source: thebump.com

Baby laying on an examination table holding block while doctor checks her with a stethoscope
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Finding a Pediatrician

Finding a pediatrician can be hard and it can be even harder to find one that will be able to meet with you urgently if need be. The Bump discussed some interesting statistics when it came to getting medical attention from a pediatrician.

Only 53% would be able to get a same day appointment

60% would be able to get same day phone advice

Only 25% would be able to get a same day email response

Would you be able to work with these numbers if your child woke up sick? When you start looking for a pediatrician make sure you discuss emergency situations with them and learn about their policies. Also, consider your alternatives while thinking about your child’s medical care. Sometimes urgent care centers are your only option but it’s also important that parents remember these options are unaware of your child’s previous medical history and their insurance policies also could differ.

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