When IHOP Handles Breastfeeding Better Than The Police

Large sign for IHOP

On none other than National Pancake Day, it was IHOP to the rescue of a trio of moms who were being harassed for nursing in public. Unfortunately, police who were called to the scene made the whole situation worse.

Let’s start from the beginning. On Tuesday, Tiara Wilson and a few of her mom friends headed to an Aurora, Colorado IHOP with their kids, since the chain was giving out free short stacks in honor of National Pancake Day.

“We were enjoying ourselves, not bothering anyone. We ate our food, laughed, talked,” Wilson writes in a post shared on the Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk. “A family walked in and sat down next to us. No big deal right? Wrong. About three of the seven of us started to feed our babies because we didn’t think much of it. While breastfeeding, that same family that was sitting next to us decided to snap a picture of us feeding our babies.”

The Aurora Police Department Has made a couple of statements . They are looking into the matter as we speak. Let’s…

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