When Is A Headache Too Severe During Pregnancy? An OB-GYN Responds

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I am a migraine sufferer. I’ve had them for almost 20 years. It’s one of those facts of my life that I hate, but have learned to accept. Therefore, I have a tendency to slough off any concern that may arise over my own head pain, save for when I was pregnant. Because of my natural state of anxiety, I worried over every pain, tingle, and tickle during those nine months, but that’s equally unhelpful. When is a headache too severe during pregnancy, and when is it just any old headache? Pregnant women have enough on their plate as it is without adding an additional layer of worry, but headaches can be scary.

Headaches are also one of the most common complaints of pregnancy, with a majority of patients noting their experience with the pain at some point in the pregnancy, according to Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology. Most of these headaches are what is referred to as a primary headache. They are typically benign and caused by tension, hormones, stress, or are related to a previously diagnosed migraine condition. However, according to The Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, some headaches are a cause for concern. These secondary headaches can be dangerous. Caused by underlying issues like hypertension, blood clot, or intracranial pressure, these headaches are usually severe, and can be accompanied by nausea, tingling or numbness in the extremities, loss of vision or hearing, or it comes on suddenly with a thunderclap sensation in the head.


Most migraine sufferers I know can spot one coming a mile away. For me, I get auras that creep around the edges of my vision, followed by a…

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