Who Is Lexi On ‘Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant’? She’s Determined To Reach Her Goals

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MTV has decided to revamp the series that started it all, 16 & Pregnant, with Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, which is dedicated to telling the stories of new, young moms. The new series premieres on March 12, but fans are already curious about this new batch of women, including the youngest of them, Lexi Tatman. So, who is Lexi on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant? Although other moms in the new series range in age from 18-20, which is still young by any standards, Lexi and fellow castmate Brianna Jaramillo are both 17, which makes them literally teen moms and the youngest in the upcoming MTV show.

As to be expected, there’s a lot more to Lexi’s story than simply being a young mom, since she’s also embarking on motherhood for the first time during her senior year of high school. As seen in the trailer for Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, despite being very far along in her pregnancy, Lexi is determined to make the most out of her final year of high school, complete with continuing to perform as a cheerleader and trying to earn her diploma.

The trailer also shows the close bond she seems to have with her mom and her mom’s subsequent disappointment that she had an unplanned pregnancy. Even though Lexi got pregnant by her longtime boyfriend of four years, Kyler, she’s still just 17…

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