Why I’m going to try to unplug completely when having my baby

A few weeks ago, one of my friends had her first baby and, aside from a text, she went radio silent on social media. This is a girl who posts numerous times a day and her Facebook page was a ghost town. It inspired me. And it made me wonder: Would it be possible for me to unplug completely during my own upcoming hospital stay?

Is it possible to completely unplug during your hospital stay? Find out why I'm considering it. via @BabyCenter
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This is my fourth child, and I pretty much know the ropes when it comes to having a baby. My husband and I are actually EXCITED for the quiet time at the hospital after our son is born. Once we get home, it gets REAL with three kids and a baby. Unplugging and hiding away from the world for two days sounds fantastic.

Here’s the thing: Like most people, I have a little bit of a social media addiction. Being a blogger, it’s hard to disconnect for even a few hours — it’s considered part of my job! I’ve been on Facebook for almost 13 years now and I’ve grown up there, from my…

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