Baby Thermometers: “Smart” Thermometer Technology for Parents

There is no scarier time to be a parent than when your child is sick. Fevers are especially scary and keeping track of your child’s temperature throughout the night is not an easy task. Now, a new thermometer created by parents for parents is entering the market. We found this ear thermometer, a parenting product treasure, on Indiegogo.

Designed by parents with love, Earmo serves as the best thermometer in the market and revolutionizes the way of interacting with kids and parents. Without disturbing the baby with light or invasive probe tip, Earmo allows you to take and read the temperature instantly in any light especially when your baby is sleeping or cranky.

A completely upgraded experience with 1 sec reading, swipe to know the previous result, view in any light clearly. With Earmo, just one push of the button and no lens filter needed, you can take temperature as fast as it can be on the bright, large LED touchscreen without disturbing the baby.

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