15 Practical Uses For A Flood Light

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With all of the massive hurricanes and storms brutalizing areas like Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, I have become a bit more aware of the safety precautions we have set up in the event of a natural disaster. While those types of devasting catastrophes are rare in the Southern Nevada area, we do receive heavy monsoonal moisture, frequent flooding and the occasional earthquake, so you never can be too cautious.

Aside from taking a recent inventory of our stockpiled bottled water, canned food, batteries and blankets, I also added a few much needed necessities to my shopping list. A top essential we seemed to be a lacking was a heavy duty flood light, vital in the event of a power outage, and while that was my main motive for making the purchase, I soon learned there are a wide variety of reasons to have one on hand.

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proper flag display illumination
nighttime vehicle emergencies
indoor photography
nighttime parties and events
yard landscape illumination
nighttime fishing
home renovations
nighttime sports practices
workshop illumination
outdoor adventures
nighttime auto repairs
nighttime dog walking
billboard or advertising illumination
added security precaution

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With so many ways to utilize a single device, the LOFTEK Pioneer 15 watt LED flood light ($26.99) in black and yellow is truly just…

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