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Traveling the world is something most of us dream of at some point in our lives. And most of us know someone who’s already got that next trip planned. So it makes sense to take the time to buy them something that they’re really going to appreciate.

This guide is going to give you some ideas beyond the conventional. These little gadgets will make their trip that much easier when they discover new and exotic places.

And they’ll be sure to send you a postcard!

The Carry On Cocktail Kit

Anyone who has ever taken a long haul flight knows that finding a good cocktail is nearly impossible. Either the airline staff don’t know how to mix it just right or they don’t offer them at all. But that is about to change because your traveling buddy will soon have the Carry On Cocktail Kit.

This little gadget is easily transportable within your coat pocket and allows you to mix the perfect cocktail at 30,000 feet. It includes everything you need to create a cocktail they’re going to love.

It includes: cane sugar, aromatic bitters, as well as a muddling spoon, and even a linen coaster for them to place it on. All they have to do is mix whisky and ice, which are always available on any flight. And if they’re flying long haul with the right airline the whisky and ice will be free.

Don’t worry about getting it through security. You will have to show it, but it’s perfectly safe to carry onboard the plane.

The Nixon Passport Watch is the height of elegance for the traveler who’s ready for anything. It’s thick, black, and comes with a solid stainless steel case. It resists scratches and can take a huge amount of impact without being damaged. Like any traveller would expect from their watch, the quartz movement was crafted in Switzerland.

It’s not just a fashion statement, though. If you take a look at the hands with the white accents you’ll notice that they glow in the dark. They’ll be able to see the various hour markers, along with the date and time. It can even do all this underwater at a depth of 100 meters.

When you buy this you’ll get an automatic two-year warranty and it comes in a Nixon gift box for that…

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