How to Use Tech to Find the Best Deals

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Who doesn’t love a little retail therapy? Whether you’re looking for something new, stocking up on staples, or browsing—until something leaps out at you—fitting our love of shopping into our budgets can be difficult. But there’s a whole world between clutching the purse strings tightly and never, ever checking your balances. Thanks to the ubiquity of tech these days, you can find deals on just about everything. Here are some of our favorite ways to save money with the help of day-to-day tech and tools.

Apps & Browser Add-Ons

Most of us do a ton of shopping online—whether we’re at home on our computers or on the go on our phones or tablets. There are a ton of mobile apps and browser plug-ins that clip coupons, sift through deals, and even offer cash back when we shop through their specific portals.

ShopBuddy is a great example of both an app and a browser plug-in. Through ShopBuddy, you can find and apply coupons for your favorite store, see deals in your search results when you’re looking for an item using your preferred search engine, earn cash back, and more money—and time—saving features.

No matter what kind of shopping you do online or what stores you frequent, there’s an app or browser plug-in for you. Try a few and see which works best for your shopping pattern.

Your Favorite Search Engine & Social Platform

21st-century bargain hunting gives us almost endless options to find great deals on pretty much…

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