Mother's Day Giveaway!

It’s that time of year again, where we honor our super amazing mothers out there.  Oh, that one special day that we get to sit and enjoy some sort of solitude for the other 364 days we are non-stop.  Here’s a little something extra that we wanted to give you moms for all the amazing-ness you do in raising those little ones… A GIVEAWAY!

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1 x Boiron Mom Bundle – this bundle will include their top specialties including Oscillo, Arnicare, Calendula, Quietude, Sedalia, Optique1 Eye Drops, Cyclease Cramp, Cyclease PMS, Yeastaway, Acteane, singles for stress, sleep and much much more!!

1 x Brian James Pair of Shoes – makers of Pediped shoes, this collection is designed for women who adore fashion as much as they love comfort. Brian James™ offers a range of boots, booties, ballet flats and wedge pumps in sizes 5.5-11 (EU 36-41).

1 x Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Compression Leggings – these leggings will give you a leg up on looking trim and toned. This wardrobe essential shapes and supports you from the waist down. It’s our surgery-free way to help you smooth your tummy and thighs while giving your butt that added boost.

1 x ADORAtherapy 3 Gal On-The-Go SpraysMood Boosts are great for any gal on the go! All seven Gal on the Go™ Mood Boosts are premium, organic, portable, all natural aromatherapy sprays designed to Boost Your Mood in the moment.

1 x Hyperbiotics 6 Months Supply – this bundle includes a six month supply of probiotics for the family with their effective probiotic formulas.

1 x Belly Armor Camisole – Maternity camisole with ruched sides and all-around shielding coverage. It’s designed to accommodate a growing belly and a build in shelf bra for added support.

1 x Boppy Bloom Skincare Set – this collection included four nourishing products that fight stretch marks while soothing and protecting your new-mom glow! Enjoy Stretch Mark Cream, Renewing Body Oil, Whipped Belly Butter and Soothing Breast Balm!

1 x Boppy Elephant Snuggle Pillow – The original, award-winning Boppy® Nursing Luxe Pillow lifts baby to a more ergonomic position for comfortable breastfeeding and bottle feeding, giving relief to your arms and back. The Boppy® Pillow supports baby as she grows and develops. Comes with a luxuriously soft minky slipcover that is removable for easy washing.

1 x Step2 Up And Down Coaster – The Anniversary Edition Up & Down Roller Coaster by Step2 will give kids all the thrills of their very own amusement park. Youngsters will develop balance, coordination, and gross motor skills by pushing the coaster car back to the top!

1 x SPBang Rainbow of Bags – unique, durable and environmentally friendly snack bags are crafted with food safe material that contains no lead, no BPA and no phthalates. Imagine having the material used normally for hard food storage containers in the form of a soft bag.

1 x Safety 1st Go and Grow Air EX Convertible Car Seat – gives your child a safer and more comfortable ride with extended use at each stage; including up to 50 pounds in the safer, rear-facing position. This convertible car seat is designed to last through all your firsts with your child.

1 x Safety 1st OutSmart Safety Bundle – Curious kids try to get into anything and everything, but the Safety 1st OutSmart™ Flex Lock helps you keep them out with the first ever decoy button. Your child will think that the decoy button opens the lock, but pushing it has no effect.

1 x Parklon America Pony Folding Mat – The Parklon Portable Folding Mat can be used anywhere, anytime! This super lightweight mat can be used indoors or outdoors. It folds up for easy storage and is perfect for travel. Design helps stimulate your child’s imagination. Scientifically proven to be safe, even for kids with sensitive skin. Made with nontoxic materials. Provides a safe & independent space for your child.

1 x Happi Snappi Mother/Daughter Kit – Introducing Happisnappi, a brand new accessory concept developed by a child therapist to encourage creativity and self-expression.  All Happisnappi hats, accessories and embellishments are completely interchangeable using a simple snap. Mothers and daughters will enjoy sharing this set which includes a soft beanie beret, charming shabby chic snap-on flowers, a snappi necklace, hair clips and headbands.

1 x Vilah Bloom Sail Away Satchel in Midnight – The Sail Away Satchel is from their new spring 2016 collection and debuted at the ABC Kids Vegas trade show were it won “Best Diaper Bag” from Parent Tested Parent Approved.

1 x Blade & Rose Outfit – is Britain’s leading children’s clothing brand specializing in trendsetting leggings featuring stylish and quirky designs on the bottom, with matching accessories.

3 x VuSee Monitor Shelf – We know safety is your first priority when it comes to your baby. You want to be able to see your baby in the crib, and be sure the baby’s environment is as safe as possible. This smart and easy-to-install baby monitor mount keeps monitor cords out of reach while keeping your baby completely in view. Peel and Stick installation means no wall damage, with the option of permanent mounting by screws!

1 x Fasten Swimsuit – this one-piece bathing suit that could opens and closes with ease. This line of swimwear makes diaper changes and going to the bathroom a breeze for parents and kids, while remaining fun and fashionable!

1 x Thrive Market Year Subscription and $100 Gift Card – an online market where you can get the most popular and non-toxic products at whole sale prices!

1 x Evoli Bundle – this bundle includes Evoli’s Foaming Wash, so smooth powder, and keep clean cloth all made with the mildest ingredients and no chemicals.

1 x Klen Lip SetNo nasty chemicals! No fillers! No preservatives! No additives! At Klēn Shop, we carefully source the highest quality ingredients and use the simplest blends possible. We believe that less is more and offers fewer chances for irritation, higher potency, and creates happier customers!

1 x Whimsical Charm Newborn Brights Collection – these charming designs vary from size, color, and technique, which offers character and originality. The sets are made from luxurious fabric for ultimate softness and warmth for any occasion.

1 x Belibea Nourish Nursing/Pumping Bra – is ONE bra for both breastfeeding and hands-free pumping convenience. Our seamless stretch fit accommodates the ongoing changing fullness of your breasts AND with a dual-panel design, allowing mothers to keep the garment in place whether breastfeeding, pumping or both at the same time – saving even more of your limited and precious time!

1 x Fisher Price Early Bird Barista Set – A hot cup of joe isn’t the only cure for a Case of the Mondays—the morning fog will melt away as you watch children serve up a dash of sugar, a dollop of milk, a scoop of self-expression, and a heaping spoonful of creativity.

1 x Fisher Price Hungry Humpback Shape Sorter – Unlike other humpbacks, he won’t chase his food, so toddlers need to use fine motor skills along with thinking and problem solving to place those yummy shapes in his mouth. But he’s a picky eater, so if the shapes aren’t fed through the right openings, they may not end up in his big whale belly.

1 x Micro Kickboard Mommy & Me Scooters – this set includes a Micro White Adult Scooter and their brand NEW Micro Deluxe Mini!  Scoot on down with your little one at your side with these super slick scooters!

1 x Zazu Kids SAM Alarm Clock – this sleeptrainer Alarm Clock & Nightlight is the bedtime helper you’ve been looking for. Designed in the Netherlands, the sleek design and intelligent wake up technology will help get your little one sleeping and waking on schedule. With easy visual cues SAM’s eyes and the color changing screen can be set to indicate bedtime, almost wake up time and morning.

1 x Purse Keyper & Phone Keyper – these are perfect accessories for the mom world! PurseKeyper is a key fob, purse holder and wristlet all in one. It can hold a diaper bag (or any bag) to the stroller.  PhoneKeyper is an accessory to the PurseKeyper when attached holds a cell phone, credit cards and essentials for easy access for moms who never have enough hands.  Available in 3 sizes for all phone sizes.

1 x Simple Mills Bundle – these foods are all gluten-free and made from an almond-flour base. Perfect for those who have allergies. The bundle includes variety of Simple Mills Almond Flour Baking Mixes & Crackers, including Artisan Bread mix, Pancake & Waffle mix, Banana Muffin mix, Pizza Dough mix, Fine Ground Sea Salt crackers, Farmhouse Cheddar Crackers.

1 x Kiddy Cruiser Pro Car Seat – can be easily adjusted to fit your child as it grows, as it expands in three different directions to travel in absolute comfort and safety. The patented Kiddy Shock Absorber draws shock energy away from the child should a collision occur.

2 x Munch Mitt – is a “handy” teething solution that prevents the constant dropping of teething toys. It provides easy access pain relief for teething babies who are still learning consistent grip and direction and protects the hands from irritation due to chewing. Made with food grade silicone, BPA and Phthalate free, the mitt is both convenient for parents and fun for babies.

1 x Restore Femininity – the Omega 7 and other skin-friendly compounds in the sea berry oil help to restore epithelial tissue and encourage mucus membranes (such as the ones found in the vagina) to function more efficiently.

2 x Sucklebuckle – props a nursing mother’s top so she doesn’t have to and allows her to more easily nurse while wearing a non-nursing top.


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  • Dulce

    Love joining this page

  • Rija

    I would choose Safety 1st Go and Grow Air EX Convertible Car Seat !

  • Rachele W.

    MicroKickboard…it would be amazing to win one for our son, just in time for his birthday next month!!!

  • Wendy Amber Godwin

    Would love this for my wife and daughter on Mothers Day!

  • Amber Ludwig

    Oooh what a tough choice!! Brian James footwear would win with me I think!! Orrr the Step2 Up And Down Coaster for my son!!

  • Aurora PL

    I’m most excited for the 1 x Safety 1st Go and Grow Air EX Convertible Car Seat –

  • Steve Weber

    My choice: Safety 1st Go and Grow Air EX Convertible Car Seat

  • debra dubois

    1 x Step2 Up And Down Coaster my grandson would love this..